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Agricultural Commodities

 Agricultural Commodities: Animal & Animal Products

India's poultry industry

India's poultry industry

India's poultry industry experiences significant growth: Hemu

varieties for KARNATAKA: commercial crops

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These are the varieties of commercial crops especially for Karnataka state

New Varieties released

New Rice Variety ‘Azad Basmati’ and Wheat‘Golden Halna’

Paddy harvester machine

I am looking for a tractor mounted paddy harvester machine.

Can anybody help me in finding a dealer of paddy harvester in

and aruond Hubli and Bellary, Karnataka, and would like to

know the price of the paddy harvester.

Thanks, Joshi

Disease Management in Maize: Part 2

Disease Management in Maize: Part 2

Head Smut : Sphacelotheca reiliana


Reported from Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab


Green Manuring

Green Manuring

The method of incorporating green leafy matter directly into the soil is called Green Manuring. Green  Manuring helps improve soil quality in the following ways:

Weed Control without using of chemicals

Weed Control

In organic farming, the weeds are controlled without the use of chemical herbicides. Different strategies are adopted to prevent weeds from competing with the crops for nutrient and water. This can be done by limiting the germination of weed seeds of the following methods:

My opinion regarding commercial dairy farming

I believe there are five areas which will determine the success of dairy enteprise

 Business management

Labor management

Remove over dependency on Monsoon

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Remove over dependency on Monsoon

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