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The colour of a kisan's money, and why farm credit is an unsticky subject

Who we are working for - a word about our real employers

Who we are working for - a word about our real employers

Localising climate change, farm truths and the agropedia potential

An introduction to Krishi Vichar

National Agromet Advisory Bulletin, July 21 to 25

National Agromet Advisory Bulletin, 20110721 to 20110725

Summary of the full document (pdf, 3.64 mb)

Embedded water in crops

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There's been a good deal of research recently on 'embedded' or 'virtual' water.

My understanding of this is: the quantity of water used to grow a crop, per harvested unit of that crop. Some data on common crops is available. For wheat for example one estimate is that 1,400 litres of water are needed to grow a kg of wheat (never mind the specifics for now). For rice the figure is 3,000 litres of water for a kg of rice (harvested).

Fourth crop estimate 2009-10


The Fourth Advance estimates for food and commercial crops have been released by Min Agri. For 2009-10 the data is in this post. For earlier data send me an email - <>

FAO food price index heading upwards again

The FAO food price index for December 2009 shows that global food prices are on the ascent again. FAO's Food Price Index monitors and plots the price movements of a food basket composed of cereals, oilseeds, dairy, meat and sugar. The December rise is the fourth straight monthly rises. In its December Food Outlook report FAO said that "market conditions are different from those that triggered the food price crisis that started two years ago" but I think that's an anti-alarmist tack taken by FAO.

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