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    What is agropedia?

    agropedia is a vision which seeks to address lacunae in Indian agriculture knowledge and application, specifically the lack of content, organized information, and extension services which are serious challenges. It has developed delivery mechanisms such as vKVK and KVK-Net, which are a means to connect extension scientists and farmers, based on its web platform which hosts information on agriculture and rural livelihood.  The web platform, agropedia, is unique in the agricultural domain as it is semantically organized and enabled so as to assist one in getting exactly what information or service she or he is looking for. Along with content in the library section, certified by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (gyan dhara), it also allows space for interaction, knowledge co-creation (jana gyan) and social networking (chat, blog, forum) making the site dynamic and learning participative.

    agropedia has developed in two phases- Phase I concentrating on content development and development of the web platform and Phase II on the delivery platform for extension services.

    In vKVK or 'virtual Krishi Vigyan Kendra', tailor made information, relevant to the farmer, are transmitted to them on their mobile phones through texts and voice messages in local languages.  This information is provided to the farmers by the scientists from the KVK, to which they belong, providing assurance regarding the authenticity and applicability of the advisory- the E2F or expert to farmer service. It takes place either in web to mobile (W to M) or mobile to mobile (M to M) form. Similarly farmer to expert (F2E) and expert to expert (E2E) services are also being launched.

    KVK-Net (Krishi Vigyan Knowledge Network) on the other hand is a service to integrate all the KVK scientists and enhance interaction, coordination and cooperation. It is a platform for them to share their experiences, discuss issues and enrich each other in the process.


    Other features in agropedia

    open agri is a much more focused research space provided by agropedia. Openagri is a content management platform for hosting agriculture documents.It has document types like Journal Articles,Conference Papers, Book, Book Chapters,Proceedings, Preprints,Multimedia content etc.

    Agro tagging is used for indexing the content available. It automatically identifies key words and tags the content accordingly. Thus, while searching, typing a word would list all the articles on that topic. User generated tags together with those that are generated by Agrotagger would help link documents related to agriculture more effectively for faster retrieval and for an enhanced presence in the present flair of the web.

    Knowledge Models or KMs provide a general idea about all the aspects of crops and specifically about each crop.